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2020 Program

Coming Back Sunny

A parallel love story that depicts the "Fate" delicately and shockingly. A girl understands "COLOR" for the first time in forever, and fall in love for the first time in forever. This film is the way she pursues Romeo for herself.

Hello! Brand New World

A YouTube short film that has a storytelling method like none other - the first half of the film takes the form of a vlog, which seamlessly invites the viewer into an uncharted narrative.

The Walking Fish

An ambitious amphibian sea-creature wants to venture into the human world. Her dream to evolve into the perfect individual is so strong that she overcomes the physical boundaries of her fish-body and transforms into a human being. But even as a young woman she remains restless. Will she ever be content?


Within the Tokara Archipelago in Japan, lies the remote island of Akuseki. It's home to 83 residents, and one mysterious visiting deity called BOZE.

Samurai in the Oregon Sky

In 1942, Japanese pilot Nobuo Fujita catapulted his seaplane off of a submarine, flew over the Oregon coast, and became the only pilot to bomb the U.S. mainland during WWII.

Miyamoto and the Machine

Ten years ago, Tetsuya Miyamoto had a dream to change the world through puzzles. In his classroom in Yokohama, KenKen was born.

Nourishing Japan

Embark on a delicious journey from farmer’s field to school classroom that celebrates how one country has re-imagined school lunch and food education.

Ice Farmers

Nikko, Tochigi Tokujiro IV and his buddies cultivate natural ice. They fill ponds with the natural water from the Nikko mountain range and let it develop into ice only by taking advantage of the coldness of the winter. Why does he still use traditional technics to make natural ice? This short documentary tells a story about Tokujiro, who calls himself an ice farmer, and his belief.


Kento was abandoned by his family when he was young. He spent at the facility until an elementary school and is taken over to Hisako who lives in Minamishimabara City. And meet Ayano a girl. Kento's heart is revived by an event.


After Hiyori is admitted to the  hospital, Uta goes around recording sounds from the memories, wishing for her to regain consciousness. She believes that they can return to that day. As she traces their memories, she makes a discovery.

The Butterfly

Kota Ishijima spent most of her life hiding from who she is. Finding the strength to live that truth drove a wedge between her and her family. Now more than a decade into that decision, her life comes full circle as she awaits the birth of her first grandchild.


A cold-hearted reaper, Makhaliss, meets a dying teenage girl, Satsuki, who secretly plans to kill her own mother to save her from the worst agony any parent could go through: seeing her own child die.

Takoyaki Story

A girl always attracted by Takoyaki but with hesitation gets addicted to Takoyaki eventually.

Takoyaki (Octopus Balls) is a famous and very delicious Japanese street food.


In 2009, UNESCO said that Ainu Language is critically endangered. Today, none speaks Ainu as a mother language.