Online Screenings Have Concluded

2023 Program


A sauna spa that has been in business for 50 years, is about to reach the very last day but without letting know none of their regular customer.

Blue and White

Ryusuke, mourning his wife, ceaselessly crafts salt, even during her funeral. Witnessing this, granddaughter Midori probes his motives.

Count 100

Professional boxer Mitsuki was once the champion. One day, he was handed a mysterious leaflet on the street.

Don't Go

Enter a world where fragments of memory of the dead can be accessed using a special device.

Minwoo and Rie

Rie, from Japan, visits Gunsan, Korea to deliver her grandfather's unset letter.


Inspired by stories from the director's grandfather, 'Nisei' follows the journey of two Japanese-American brothers during World War II, Minoru and John Miyasaki.


A folktale of Japan's Tohoku region related to a mysterious folk belief called "Oshirasama."


Haruka is unexpectedly asked to attend the memorial service for Instagrammer Hina.


A love story based on Ryunosuke Akutagawa's short story "The Nose."


Born and raised in Kyoto, Japanese calligrapher, Chifumi Niimi, teaches students not only how to write characters beautifully but also break through tradition...

The Floating World

When a university student struggling with an environmental studies assignment searches for inspiration for an assignment...

The Old Young Crow

Mehrdad recalls his experience in Tokyo befriending an old Japanese woman, Chiyo, at a graveyard in Tokyo through his old sketchbook.

The Swamp

He, in the painful days of living deep in a shell, picks up a stone. It gains an identity in a moment and becomes a different individual from him.

The Third Wheel

Edo Period. Following his abrupt death, Gohei, a master carpenter, returns as a ghost to make peace with his wife, Sachi but finds out he is invisible.


Tokyo Animals directed by Toshiki Yashiro is a collection of 5 scenarios, 5 vignettes about life in Tokyo. A life where things in the fore fall towards the back...

What To Do To Be Like You

Young Natsumi returns to the island of her ancestor to become an Ama-san - Traditional female diver of Japan.