We all have a role in our lives, So are film festivals. New York Japan CineFest’s mission is clear.  To explore and find unique talent, support their work, vision and cause as we provide creative playground in the most exciting city in the world, New York City.

The festival was founded by two filmmakers, Yasu Suzuki, Kosuke Furukawa and an event producer Hiroshi Kono. It was planed for rather small one night event. While three friends organizing the event, devastating earthquake occurred in their home country, Japan in 2011. Since then, their motivation geared up to connect the Asian films and American and world films, shake up the ground in the positive way to raise the spirit.
NYJCF focuses on the independent filmmakers who committed to making their full potential to express their voice and vision to the world.

Kosuke Furukawa (Film director), studied filmmaking at Brooklyn College in 2002. After he graduated, he worked at a production company and built his career. In 2008, he became a freelance filmmaker in New York and was a part of numerous independent films. In 2011, he founded NYJCF. As the curating director of NYJCF, he discovered many great films and filmmakers in both The United States and Japan which were otherwise extremely hard to discovered. He gave chances and opportunities to those great talents and created the bridge between the Japanese Film industry and The United States. Most currently, he is producing a feature film, “The Apologizers” with Hiroshi Kono and NYJCF, with the director Yasu Suzuki.

Contact email: kosuke@nyjcf.com


Hiroshi Kono (President of Mar Creation, Inc. and Vice President of CATCH US Performing Arts), a native of Nagoya, Japan, moved to New York in 1992 and established a record company, Mar Creation, Inc. in 2003. He has expanded its business with a broader range of the entertainment services; video/music/event productions, artist management, PR and booking. He works with various artists and producers in the fields of music, dance, theater, film and charity. Kono also writes music articles for YomiTime. Past/current works and projects include j-Summit New York, New York Japan CineFest, Loudness, Senri Oe, Tokiko Kato, Ka-Na, Orange Pekoe, Wowow, NHK Enterprises, Japan Information & Culture Center (Embassy of Japan), Asia Society, Rubin Museum of Art, San Francisco Public Library and others.

Contact email: hiroshi@nyjcf.com


Yasu Suzuki (Actor, Film director), He was appearing a live TV show “Gojisat Magazine” in his home country, Japan 1988-1991 seasons and played many memorable characters in sketch comedies. Acting credits, Films include Puccini for Beginners, College Road Trip, TV shows include NETFLIX’s Daredevil, The Blacklist. His favorite stage roles include Krego in The Gold Standard, Lucy Foo in RANT which he also in the writing and directing credits. Larry in A Chorus Line, Kralahome in The King and I and Nichole in La Cage Aux Folles.
As a filmmaker, his second short film Radius Squared Times Heart won the best comedy short film at the Manhattan Film Festival and Audience Award at the New York japan Cinefest. And his third, “The Apologizers” won The Best Screenplay at the Queens World Film Festival.

Contact email: yasu@nyjcf.com